CosMed Comfort Pillow Founders
Two creative women with a love of business and a passion for a healthy lifestyle, decided to combine talents and design a new product with broad appeal. After comparing notes of their own experiences and those of family and friends, followed by extensive research, they identified a void in the pillow market, and identified needs that were not yet being met. Nowhere could you find a pillow designed to be comfortable that could also maintain a required back-sleeping position supporting both your lower back and neck

The challenge... how to create a design that would fill this void.

The design of the CosMed Comfort Pillow is based on an organic shape that follows a natural contour. This innovative design makes it possible for the pillow to be used in multiple distinct positions for head and back, enabling the user to personalize their own place of comfort and support. The hinged, soft, padded and supportive side-panels help the user comfortably maintain a face-up position. The pillow can also be used to help support the lower back. To complete the design and applications, an adjustable comfort roll at the neck of the pillow was created, which can be attached or detached as desired, with a hot/cold pack pocket feature. Hence, the creation of a multi-functional pillow with an innovative new design that has multiple applications in comfort, health, beauty, travel, recovery, and so much more.